Making Passive Income on the Internet as an African

Photo by Sharon Mccutcheon from Unsplash

You should learn from your competitor but never copy. Copy and you die.

Jack Ma

What have I learnt over the past two years of online business?

It isn’t easy starting with nothing to make money online but the results are always worth the hustle.

The internet is a whole different place compared to the real world. Once you open a shop in town (let’s say somewhere in Kampala or Lagos) people will flock into your shop within a week. People on the internet on the other hand don’t give a damn about your website or what you are selling.

Even if you have the best book, software, music track or short-film you won’t get anyone visiting your personal website unless you market your content. Getting tens of thousands of people to your website won’t also be enough to make you money to pay your rent or buy you a house.

Very often things happen on the Internet that take people’s attention for example fake news, breaking news, meteor rocks almost hitting the earth and the latest movies. This is why you have to learn to positively impact people’s lives for free as a way of gaining loyal traffic. This cold traffic will soon be paying close attention to your content and with a well implemented Email list set up (i.e GetResponse or MailChimp*I don’t recommend for affiliate marketers*) they will become your paying clients (3% of all cold traffic) for life.

The best way I would recommend anyone to start making money on the internet is through Affiliate marketing programs. Something you have to understand is that affiliate marketing is very rewarding to the PATIENT, DISCIPLINED and STRATEGIC.

There’s a reason why affiliate marketing is loved by Bloggers, Youtubers and Social Media Influencers and this is because;

  1. You do not need to have a PRODUCT of your own to get started.
  2. You do not require capital to start affiliate marketing.
  3. You will learn how to sale and market any product to anyone

I would like to add amazing value to your table if you are thinking of joining affiliate marketing and I will provide you with this information free of charge (no strings attached)

I am a Ugandan and from my hustling experience these affiliate platforms are very easy to sign up with as a Ugandan and have a very good history of making people 6 figures (xxx, xxx) in US dollars monthly income.

  1. Amazon Affiliates (low commissions 0-10%, wide user base, you’ll require your TIN to register)
  2. CJ Affiliates (home of big companies like airlines, low and high commissions, TIN from URA required)
  3. JVZoo(No TIN required, upto 50% commissions, only digital products)
  4. Market Health(No TIN required to get started, only health products are available for marketing)
  5. Impact (big brands, no data yet)
  6. Clickbank (digital products but unavailable to Ugandans although there are ways around this but I don’t recommend you do this)
  7. ClickFunnels (require a TIN, must have a Paypal account,  40% commission)

How does Affiliate marketing work?

It is very simple in theory but gets a bit complicated practically. That’s why you have to be disciplined and patient. Imagine this as your house, taxi or bodaboda (it won’t be easy making money in the first days and months) but as soon as you get the layout of the business and how things are done. You will be financially smiling for a long time (unless the internet crashes forever).

Here’s what you are going to do

You’ll sign up with these platforms the same way you signed up with Facebook, Twitter or Gmail. Once you are through with signing up, you will have access to the platform’s free tools. What you now look for are the most sold products on the platform and get your affiliate link to that product.

For some platforms like Clickbank and MarketHealth, acquiring these affiliate links is very simple.

Platforms like JVZoo and CJ affiliates require that you first request the vendors permission to acquire access to an affiliate link.

Now that you have your affiliate link you have a tool to make yourself money but this money isn’t going to be easy to make unless you already have thousands of Youtube subscribers or an email list with hundreds of online clients.

You’ll need to start a blog for FREE with WordPress (start simple). Get a NICHE to be blog about (assuming you photograph at weddings) you’ll blog about weddings and post your best photos from these wedding events. Mid way your blog post, you’ll add your affiliate link to the camera or digital software you use to edit your photos. With time you’ll be making sales and the amazing thing about these companies is that INCOME is MONTHLY and RECURRING (i.e ClickFunnels).

Recurring means you’ll keep making your 40% commission every month as long as the person that signed through you is a member of the company. Basic Entrance into ClickFunnels is about 67$ and Premium Entrance is about 297$. This means you will make 26.8$ per month as long as the client is a member of ClickFunnels through the Basic Entrance Program. Now if 10 clients signup with ClickFunnels for basic entrance you will make yourself 268$(991, 600Ugx) per month, 100 clients you will make 2680$(9, 916, 000Ugx) per month. How about if you get ClickFunnels premium clients?

Note:- Visit their website for the exact entry fees

 ClickFunnels is a very wealthy company so wealthy that they even give out cars(Tesla, Corvette, Lexus, name the car of your choice) to the best affiliates. They thrive off your progress, the more clients they get the happier they’ll be.

Start your own Youtube channel, it’s free.. You’ll thank me 5 years from now depending on how SERIOUS you are.